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 Upgrade to The Look Great Naked Academy, Get The Lean It Up Challenge Included and Over $2500 of my Best Products and Programs, Plus My Personalised Support and Tons More!


Let’s get straight to it gorgeous –

Are you fed up of not feeling good enough because you don’t like the way your body looks? Feel like you’re constantly chasing the perfect bikini body?

What if you could be free of your obsession with your looks and still have the physique you want?

What if you could go on holiday and not worry about putting on a couple of kilos, because you know you’ll easily shift them when you get back?

What if staying in shape came naturally to you and didn’t feel like a daily battle?

Imagine . . .


No more secretly raiding the pantry or fridge in the middle of the night. (I know you’ve been there!)

No more binge eating, or the guilt and shame that comes after stuffing your face with junk food.

No more cancelling social engagements with friends because you’re worried you’re not going to be able to eat properly.

No more thinking “I’m not worthy” or “I’m not good enough” because you’re basing your self-worth on the way you look.

kat purple 2 copyHi. I’m Kat Loterzo and I’m an author, speaker, female fat loss expert and a Mum to 2 gorgeous kids. And I’m writing to YOU if you are totally ready to create your ultimate dream bikini body and learn how to maintain it for life – without being a crazy person!

My Look Great Naked Academy will show you how to take back control and start making smart choices that’ll get you looking bikini ready in a matter of weeks.

Not only that, it’ll show you how to effortlessly maintain your new body shape all year round.

This is the world’s premier community for women who want to know how to rock a lean and hot bikini body for life and create true and lasting body love from the inside out.

Are You Ready for The Look Great Naked Academy?!

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For the past 14 years I’ve dedicated myself to helping women get into their best shape ever from the inside out. I’m not just talking great health and a smokin’ hot body (although I certainly can and will get you both of those things!), but I’m talking also about doing the really deep work that you need to do to deal with your crazy head stuff, beat emotional eating and other forms of sabotage, and finally get a handle on what YOU need in order to create and keep your dream body. Bikini and all.

Over the years I’ve created a LOT of pretty incredible content to help women get in shape. If you were to invest individually in each of my fat loss, nutrition, self love and care, motivation and support ebooks, ecourses, downloads, bootcamps, podcasts, videos and coaching offers you’d be investing well in excess of $2000. But with the birth of The Look Great Naked Academy you’re going to get ALL my existing best content (and a bunch of never before seen resources) for one simple and small payment.

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 8.22.46 AM

It’s my time to give back to the incredible ‘Woman Incredible’ community that I’ve created over the past few years.

Because here’s what being an Academy gal is all about –

I believe you deserve to have a body you feel absolutely proud to walk around in. I believe that every single woman out there should wake up feeling excited about who she is, who she gets to be. And I believe in YOUR ability to CREATE that dream body and to do so in such a way that you never again have to compromise your health, your lifestyle, or your sanity.

And when you join my Look Great Naked Academy? You get every single darn tool you’ll need to achieve all of this, and so much more.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 9.00.57 PM

I’m tired of speaking with women just like you who are still searching – sometimes after not just months and years but even decades – for that final answer on how to get the body they want.

I’m tired of conflicting advice from every wannabe guru out there on nutrition and exercise.

And I am beyond exhausted with the notion that getting into amazing shape is all about what you eat and how you train. Let’s get serious – you and I both know it’s what’s inside that counts. And I am NOT talking about inside your belly :) I’m talking inside your mind.

How you think and feel about yourself, the ‘you’ who only you can see in the mirror? THAT is where your ability to get results really stems from, not from finding the perfect calorie-balanced diet and workout plan.

And that, quite simply, is exactly why I’ve created The Look Great Naked Academy. Because yes, I know how to teach you how to eat right for life, how to workout for lasting fat loss and shape, how to achieve rapid results for a special event. And I’m going to give you all of that. I’ll also be giving you recipe books, step-by-step how-tos on detoxification, understanding your hormones, dealing with the impact of stress and lifestyle on your results, how to eat and train when traveling or when life is crazy, everything you need to know about supplementation – basically the Academy includes everything you could ever think of relevant to straight-up fat loss and shaping up FAST.

Nothing more than you’d expect in an all-inclusive program, is it?

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But here’s what you might NOT expect – and where the real transformation begins –


I’m super proud of my Look Great Naked Academy because I know there is nothing else out there like this; nothing that really addresses why women can’t get into the shape they long to be in, and why even if they do why they don’t seem to be able to maintain it. I’m talking about –

Truth tools and hard-hitting emotional work to get you over binge and emotional eating

Understanding why you sabotage yourself, what it’s really about and how to stop it

Getting to the heart of why you really want to be in shape, what it means to you on a deeper level, what your true motivation is and also what you’re scared of happening when you DO get there

Clarity around not just your body goals and whys but your LIFE goals and dreams, how it all ties together, and how by living a life more in alignment you can become someone whose relationship with food and her body is, quite simply, one of beauty.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 7.17.48 PM

This is for the driven women. The ones who want it all, and now. The ones who want to finally FEEL amazing as well as look it.


The Look Great Naked Academy has every fat loss, shape up and inside-out transformation tool you will ever need to get the results you want, fast, and then maintain them for life. New content will be being added regularly, and there are also coaching slots for members-only with me, something that I do not offer any longer at all outside of the Academy.

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 1.00.18 PM

But I want to be clear.


This is not a program for you if you’re looking for short cuts to short-term fat loss. I’ll be teaching you how to achieve rapid fat loss for a short-term GOAL but I’ll be insisting on you doing it in a way that you can then also maintain those results. And that’s just one part of everything on offer anyway. Really what this is about is committing to creating the body and also the life you want, for life.

If you’re not ready to step up to that yet, if you just want an overnight solution or if you’re not really prepared to do both the physical and emotional work to achieve real results, then please don’t join.

The Academy is for women who are sick of trying everything and still not getting there.

It’s for women who DO want a hot bikini body and believe there has to be a way to achieve it without being obsessive about food or their body and without having to sacrifice their sanity or worse.

It’s for women who aren’t ashamed that they want to look good! But who also know that that’s just one part of living life to the full and who are open to really exploring in depth who they want to be and why.

It’s for women who are prepared to deal with their shit. No matter how tough it can be to do so, and ultimately knowing how INCREDIBLE it will be to do so.

It’s for women who want to stop looking, stop spending dollars after dollars on new programs, coaches, courses and books and just finally have everything they need at their fingertips, in one place, plus the support and community around them to keep them on track.

Okay. Enough talk! Let’s get to the details. Here’s what you will be privy to when you become an Academy member. (Drumroll!)

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 9.11.56 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 8.19.13 AM

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 1.00.18 PM


When you join The Look Great Naked Academy you join a community of incredible women committed to living their best lives, in their hottest bodies (!) and you receive immediate access to a library of tools designed to get you on track, fast, and keep you going for life.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 5.46.12 PM

Nutrition Plans, Recipes, Guides, Bonuses & Ecourses

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 5.49.38 PM

Workout Plans, ecourses, ebooks, bonuses and videos

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 5.51.02 PM

Rapid Fat Loss Programs and Step By Step How Tos

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 5.53.47 PM

Podcasts, video training, beating emotional eating, bikinibody mindset worksheets

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kelly fLost the last few, and regained my confidence!

I had been working with Kat for 18 months and already lost a lot of weight, so I was pretty satisfied with my body but wanted to lose the last few and tone up. Look Great Naked was amazing – I feel so much better about myself! I lost 3 kilos, my measurements came down, and I dropped a dress size. I don’t feel anywhere near as “bloaty” as what I was and my stomach is getting flatter :)

I’ve been getting HEAPS of comments from family and friends which I love, as well as getting more attention from strangers lol. But I have also noticed the people who are putting me down, probably because of their own insecurities. My mindset has completely changed thanks to the bootcamp! I take the time to think about why I want/don’t want things and can really change my thoughts.

I am way more confident. Kat, the principles and guidelines you have provided us are ones we can use for life. I believe I will be able to maintain my body this way, and OMG – the mindset stuff!!! Understanding why us women feel and think the way we do. I have done other boot camps and they were good but didn’t work for me.

I also like that you say “it’s ok to stuff up, not be 100%”. Others I have done were very “just do it, no excuses”. Which does work for some but not others.

Physically thanks to your bootcamp I am training harder and my stomach is finally getting flatter.

Within myself – I am more in control, more accepting of myself. I would recommend this program to the whole world if I could. Kat is one of the most inspirational people who has helped me achieve the biggest and most important goals of my life. THANK YOU!!! xxx

Kelly F


This bootcamp changed my life – I’d recommend it to anyone!

Emily Edited Before And AfterI am feeling the best I have felt in seriously years after finishing Round 2 of The Look Great Naked Bootcamp! Kat has changed my outlook on body and most of all my mind.

I’ve learnt what my body best responds to with nutrition and training, I’ve found my inner strength and drive in a way I had started to give up on after countless failed plans in the past, and completing the bootcamp has given me the tools for continuing on my journey to be the best I can be!

All I can say is that before I started I felt dead … there is no other world for it. I was living in a head full of crap and negativity. The Look Great Naked Bootcamp has truly changed my life as well as my body, and I’m so proud of how far I’ve come mentally.

I really think every woman struggling with her body should do Kat’s bootcamp.

I now feel amazing, confident and excited to jump into every day. I could cry I’m so happy at how far I’ve come. The mindset work Kat gave us was by far the best part, as well as the ongoing support and the fact that she is so REAL! I feel like I was personally coached by Kat, she has a way of making people feel so supported and inspired.

All I can say is thank you, thank you thank you! I have been on a roller coaster with my body for years and the Look Great Naked Bootcamp gave me the tools to get back on track with not only my body but my whole life. I feel aligned in all areas and I am soooooo grateful. I wish you all the best with your new bub along the way. Thank you again!

Name Withheld


Esta Hages - week comparisonI’m so much more confident now

I‘d been carrying a couple of kilos more than when I got married back in 2009, and basically felt like I was kind o fleeting myself go, so I decided to try The Look Great Naked Bootcamp. I’m so glad I did as my body started to change straight away! After just a week my stomach was noticeably flatter, and as the bootcamp went on I started to feel much more confident and strong within myself.

At one point my measurements seemed to stall but then two dresses that once didn’t fit well suddenly fit me! I was stoked! My husband kept commenting that I looked smaller as well :)

One of the things I loved most about the bootcamp was the forum. The girls were so much fun and very supportive. Everyone between them had loads of experience and ideas on so many varied things. I’m really glad to be joining in the next round as well!

Esta Hages

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 1.00.18 PM

CherylLost 8% body fat and feel like I have my life back!

I just wish I could thank Kat in person for what she created with The Look Great Naked Bootcamp. I believe that people come into your life for a reason and doing this bootcamp is exactly what I needed and came at a time that I needed it. The results I have achieved as well as the empowerment and freedom … it’s just amazing. I totally trust in myself now and believe that I can do it.

Size wise I went from a 14 to a 10 and my body fat went from 33% to 25%, so I’m really happy! I’m actually completely amazed that I was able to follow the instructions and lose the amount of weight that I have, I feel stronger more confident about the way I eat and look. I still would like to lose more body fat and I know this will take time. But the LGN Bootcamp was THE right platform to get me started and help me with diet and mindset What made the biggest difference for me was the meal plans all laid out, and the mindset work. I think I needed that most. Also that it was not pushy and was all about doing what’s right for you at the time. I’ve realised now that I don’t need approval from others for the way I look and feel, and I just feel like I have my life back – and that I am looking after myself and my family. I feel fitter and healthier and to be honest it really is a shock to finally have some self worth and a purpose, I never want to feel like I did before Look Great Naked, it is onwards and upwards from here.

It is very empowering to know that ultimately it is I that has the power to change my life.

Cheryl Day


Measurements were astounding!

My measurement results from the Look Great Naked Bootcamp were astounding, I couldn’t believe how many cm’s went from my waist, I think 15 or so in all and that was only after 4 weeks.  Amazing really, I was so happy.  My clothes felt nowhere near as snug, and I got a lot of comments on my face and skin.

I am really proud of myself that I could stick to the meal plan and be trusting that what Kat told me was the right thing for me at that time, it’s a real achievement. Kat is so much more knowledgeable than other coaches, she’s happy to give everyone a go i.e. really focused on each individual rather than just treating it like a group. This bootcamp is amazing – I’m loving it!

Janelle Robinson


I have never seen someone more giving or keen to help others!

Caitlyn OBefore doing The Look Great Naked Bootcamp I hadn’t been happy with my body for sometime, and wasn’t feeling very positive or successful. As much as I swore to myself I wouldn’t be one of those people who puts weight back on, I did! I let life get in the way of my own personal needs and neglected myself. Kat’s bootcamp motivated me to focus on myself, and the resources given were fantastic, there was a great variety in the training and I loved being able to train from home or the gym, interesting and different food choices in the menu, the forum was so encouraging and the email support was fantastic.

I love the motivation and encouragement that being in a program brings. The support from others in the program was wonderful. It was great to share the struggles, challenges and successes with people who truly care. The reality of life is that people do not like or accept that others want to change. So it was good to have a supportive ‘family’ and I feel I have regained the motivation and focus that I need to look after myself and focus on what is good for me. I have moved some of the baggage that has been stopping me from being successful with weight loss and fitness.

I also loved the focus on the mindset and motivation. Most coaches forget that we are capable of creating our own momentum, but neglect to tap into that! It is so easy to get caught up on the food and exercise components and neglect the emotional and mental things that impact our progress. I have done other short term programs, yet have never seen someone more giving and keen to help others … the amount of resources that are given away – wow!

Caitlyn Ogunyanwo


Inspired to live an active life … mindset work is the most important element.

I am so proud that I completed The Look Great Naked Bootcamp – I’ve let go of my insecurities and come away with a greater appreciation for my body. I’ve gone from a size 12-14, to a size 10-12 and I feel so much more confident that I can achieve things and let go of all the negative things that have held me back. Most importantly I was inspired to live an active life.

Kat’s videos are great and really helped with focus – she is kind and thoughtful in the way she presents the material and it makes such a difference to have so much positivity. I would totally recommend this program! It takes a holistic view of the process rather than just focusing on the scales. The mind set work is the most important element. Kat, thank you for giving me structure and confidence, and I have to say it’s been so positive seeing how the girls all support each other on the forum.

Ami Seabrook

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 1.00.18 PM

Easy to follow, supportive, and gets real results.

The LGN Bootcamp works! It is easy to follow, supportive, and gets real results.

For me, my biggest change was in my mindset and confidence. I went from being unsure, nervous, anxious confused and frustrated to feeling more confident in myself and my decisions. I feel so empowered now to keep working toward my goals – to act, live, breathe as the person I want to be, to stop waiting for the ‘right” time and believe now. Physically I know that my stomach is flatter and I am having less bloating and digestion issues. I feel more toned and stronger as well as confident and happy, and I would say I have a better sense of self, better ability to set and achieve goals and am better equipped to deal with problems/hurdles.

Definitely recommend!

Nicole Allison


Felt awesome by the end!

The thing that sets Kat apart from other coaches is not just her own physique, but her amazing mindset stuff. I truly felt awesome by the end of the Look Great Naked Bootcamp and working with Kat.

I noticed that exercising worked better as I was feeding my body the right foods, and I feel so much more confident in myself and in knowing I have some real knowledge know. On top of that I now have some shape as well as toned abs. Amazing program!

Sueann Jones


 Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 9.27.54 PM

 Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 2.48.21 PM


Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 1.00.18 PM

Kat Loterzo’s Eat Clean, Get Lean Plan – Retails at $57


Struggling to get the body you want?

My eating plan will show you how to eat right effortlessly to get the body you want, including recipes, meal plans, how to eat, what to eat and MUCH more.

This is a lifestyle plan designed to get you completely on track and aligned with what you need to eat for the long-term – and to do it in a way that is simple and sustainable, so you don’t have to feel like a food nazi or social pariah to get results!

The Eat Clean, Get Lean Eating Plan gives you everything you need to know about eating right for life, and even covers the mindset and motivation behind being able to stay on track and feel good about it. It comes with 8 fantastic bonuses as well!

Bonus #1 – Sample Meal Plans for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, pre and post workout and treats

Bonus #2 – 25 of my Favourite Eat Clean Recipes

Bonus #3 – Look Great Naked Supplements Basics

Bonus #4 – Look Great Naked Shopping List Template

Bonus #5 – Look Great Naked Protein Calculator

Bonus #6 – Treat Meal Guidelines

Bonus #7 – Sample Week Food Diary

Bonus #8 – Look Great Naked Detox Day Guidelines

Find out more

 Kat Loterzo’s Fat Burning Workout Plan – Retails at $149


Take the confusion out of your training and finally get results!

My Fat Burning Workout Plan gives you over 12 months worth of video + written training programs for home or gym, from beginner to gym queen! I’ll teach you everything you need to know about training, including the nutrition + motivation/mindset side, and you’ll learn exactly how to train for maximum fat loss and body sculpting.

My “Fat Burning Workout Plan” is highly specific to female fat loss and body sculpting and is based on over 13 years of my experience as a National Strength & Conditioning coach, personal trainer, fat loss expert and motivator – and it comes with 5 great bonuses!

It’s an incredibly comprehensive guide of not only every possible ‘in and out’ of your training regime as well as detailed descriptions, videos and printable workouts but also all of the information you need related to your training – such as what to know about nutrition before and after training, how to decide on your training goals, how to get the best possible results, staying motivated and on track, and a whole bunch more.

I’m really proud of what I’ve created here, and I know you’ll get so much out of it and be able to use it again and again for literally years!

Bonus #1 – 21 Look Great Naked Sweat Fat Loss Sessions (15 Minutes or Less)

Bonus #2 – Weekly Planner Training Guide

Bonus #3 – How to Build a Strong and Sexy Core

Bonus #4 – Training Travel Tips

Bonus #5 – Dealing with Injury

I Am Worthy – Meditation Podcast – Retails at $7


I’ve put this podcast together for you to use as a meditation tool to help you get clear in your head how incredible and worthy of your dreams YOU are! So many of the women I speak to struggle to achieve their body and life goals due to a deep inner sense of not being good enough, not worthy to live the life they want and BE who they want to be.

I want you to know that you DO have the power to live the life you want & to make any and all of your dreams come true.  I know how hard it is to feel that your dreams are just that little bit to far out of your reach; whether it be to have a flat stomach, financial freedom or setting up an amazing business that allows you to live an incredible life.

This podcast has been created as a tool to help you believe that these things are there for you, you do deserve them and they will be yours! Listen to it anytime you need to feel motivated, empowered and READY to live your dreams and overcome hurdles that have previously held you back. You have it within you to live the life you want to live.  Let’s work together to discover your underlying beliefs and give you the life you deserve, today!

Find out more

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 1.00.18 PM

Overcome Emotional Eating – A Step By Step Podcast – Retails at $7


The thing with your eating, your emotional eating, is that it is serving you in some way. Whether you realise it or not, you are benefiting from it. It’s allowing you to escape, to push down the stress and anxiety about not just your busy day but about how your life is turning out.

And at the same time, it is allowing you to perpetuate beliefs about yourself, beliefs that often go way back.

Most women who struggle with emotional eating and self-sabotage do so not because they are weak-willed or simply stuck in a bad pattern, but because they are lost for true direction and purpose, for life satisfaction really, and because they are bound by a myriad of beliefs and expectations about who they are and who they are allowed to be.

The eating is not about the food, it’s not about the heady rush of sugar or comfort starch, but rather it’s about creating a sense of fullness emotionally. Spiritually even.

I understand.  I’ve been there, and that is why I’ve created this step-by-step podcast to help YOU break the cycle & understand why.  Pop the podcast on when every you feel like you’re going to emotional eat.  You can break the cycle of food bondage. Start here.

Find out more.

Current retail price: $7

Fat Loss Podcast – An Interview with Kat – Retails at $7


In this interview podcast, I am interviewed on the topic of my secrets on how to get leaner, stronger & hotter. The podcast is specifically around the topic of female fat loss, and I give you my top 5 transformative tips.

I’ll talk candidly about why so many women struggle to get results despite knowing what they should be doing, what my top 5 ‘must have’ fat loss supplements for women are (including my personal favourite!), we’ll delve into some common myths and mistakes around getting lean and I’ll share my personal beliefs around pregnancy training and nutrition. Plus a bunch more stuff!

This 45-minute interview is packed full of value – you’ll want to listen again and again!

Find out more

Find Your Dreams – Podcast & Worksheet – Retails at $7


What it all comes down to is this –

What would make you feel most alive and in love with your life? Happiness as most people define it is a myth. It’s one of those wriggly things that escapes you almost as soon as  you had it. Tells you there is something more you need. So this is what I want you to ask yourself instead –

What are the feelings that you would love to experience more often? What is it that’s really important to you, deep down? I’m talking about the stuff you can’t quite put a finger on, but that you KNOW would give you a greater sense of passion, purpose and flow. The knowledge that you are on track to living the life you want to live.

Once you pinpoint how you want to feel; the things that make you feel most alive and in love with your life and yourself, it’s easy to find your dreams.

I’ve created the Find Your Dreams, Podcast & Strategy Worksheet to help you do exactly that!

Find out more

Look Great Naked Bootcamp – 6 Weeks to Create The Bikini Body of Your Dreams! – Retails at $299


Give me 6 weeks and I’ll take you from stuck and plateaued to walking around in your sexy, confident bikini body!

My most popular and best-selling program, The Look Great Naked Online Bootcamp has 3 start dates each year and covers exactly what to eat, how to train, and all of the lifestyle factors and bonus tips you need to know to achieve rapid fat loss.

I have poured my heart and soul into this program – so much more than a weight loss course, it will teach you to get to the deep reasons within your psyche that have until held you back from getting the body you want. You’ll receive access to our private 24/7 support forum with (currently) over 180 women who are on track to their dream body.

The Look Great Naked Bootcamp is a 6-week long, intensive and absolutely inside-outside life-changing program designed for rapid fat loss success.

You’ll receive full meal plans each week, a comprehensive bootcamp workout plan (including video) for home or gym, bi-weekly ‘inner work’ to help you figure out your head stuff and align with who you really want to be, and SO much more.

This is my signature results program and the women who have gone through it have an over 80% success rate, with some losing over 10kg in the 6 week period – and keeping it off!

Being part of the bootcamp will be an experience you’ll cherish for long after, as you join together with a group of like-minded women to finally take on the body battle once and for all!

***As an Academy member you’ll have access to the next live round starting in just a few weeks on November 4! Note that normally you would pay $299 JUST for this bootcamp – that’s more than the price of this whole Academy with our current 50% off launch special! For that reason alone The Look Great Naked Academy is an absolute no-brainer.

Find out more

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 1.00.18 PM

Secrets of Lasting Weight Loss Revealed – Retails at $37


This book was my first ever ebook and is a ‘choose your own adventure’ approach to weight loss and health. You’ll start by filling out a series of short questionnaires designed to highlight where YOU most need to focus, and from there I’ll direct you to the parts of the book that are most relevant to you.

I have to warn you – this is kind of a bible! It took me over 2 years to complete and I pretty much went about the job with the viewpoint that I should share everything I knew. The outcome is the MOST detailed and well-thought out body transformation ebook on the market. You’ll learn more than you’ve ever thought possible around nutrition, mindset, motivation, lifestyle, stress, digestion and creating a lifestyle approach to health and staying in shape.

This is the kind of book you’ll not necessarily read from front to back, but rather use as a point of reference anytime you need to figure out something or be re-educated or inspired.

Click here to read about Secrets of Lasting Weight Loss Revealed and my own transformation story which prompted me to write this book.

Emotional Eating – A Home Study Course – Retails at $99

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 12.43.11 PM

I spent over 10 years battling binge eating and bulimia.

The whole while, I presented a facade as a successful, vibrant and ‘put together’ personal trainer; a woman who was a leader and someone to aspire to be like. And in many ways that was true. But at the same time I was completely lost. Alone. And I felt hopeless, as though I could never share my awful secret with anybody and as though I could DEFINITELY never escape.

I understand what it’s like to feel complete despair about who you really are, and to wonder constantly what’s wrong with you. I fought the battle. It was NOT easy. I failed many times. But eventually – I got there.

This home-study video and workbook course takes the recordings and manual from a live full-day event I ran recently for women who wanted to beat their food and body demons once and for all. The day was incredible – so much STUFF came up it’s amazing we didn’t lift the ceiling. Tears were a big part of it and they will be for you as well, as you go through this course.

Which is probably exactly what you need. I’ll show you what your food stuff is really about. How to uncover your deepest-held beliefs about yourself, and find out how to reset those that are doing you more harm than good. I’ll give you the tools you NEED to break free of binge + emotional eating permanently.

And we’ll go into detail to find out exactly where you’re really self-sabotaging – such as not living in alignment, or creating body goals that are too rigorous, based on nothing that actually truly matters to you.

It’s very simple: if you battle with binge or emotional eating, you need this course.

Click here to find out more

The Lean Chef Look Great Naked Cookbook – Retails at $27


Over 100 extremely delicious ‘eat lean, get lean’ never before seen recipes make up this beautiful designed and laid out cookbook, created with my husband Enzo ‘The Lean Chef’.

The Lean Chef Look Great Naked Cookbook is exactly what you need if you find yourself stuck on clean eating boredom, or simply too busy or unsure to cook healthy food that also tastes good!

We’ve used simple to follow methods and chosen ingredients you can find anywhere, and most of our recipes are 100% allergen free. The cookbook contains everything from breakfast ideas to smoothies, soups, sides, salads, burgers, red and game meat, chicken dishes, mexican, italian, curries, seafood, desserts, snacks and even guilt-free treats. Phew! (Yep, it was hard work testing all those recipes!)

And – of course our recipes are designed not only for taste but also for maximum nutrition and metabolic wow-factor (meaning: they will make you lean!). We’ve packed the book full of tips and even included a few sneaky bonuses and cheat sheets. This will become a much-loved volume on your smart phone or tablet, and you’ll never again be lost for how to eat well!

Click here to read more

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The Look Great Naked Smoothie Collection – Retails at $9.97


The Look Great Naked Fat Loss Smoothie Collection includes 10 simply brilliant fat loss smoothie recipes, all super quick and easy to make in your blender at home. No juicer needed!

This book was born out of my realisation that despite everything I know (and preach!) on nutrition and wellbeing, it’s still so easy to neglect to eat enough greens. After speaking with a friend about the incredible results he’d been getting (energy and body fat reduction) after introducing 1-2 green smoothies a day as his primary source of greens, I had to give it a go. The results, needless to say, were brilliant. Enter this smoothie collection :)

This edition includes the popular ‘Lean Legs Smoothie’, the ‘Belly Fat Burn Smoothie’ and the ‘Ultimate Detoxifier Smoothie’ as well as 2 bonus ‘red smoothie’ recipes – guaranteed to give you a big zing!

For details click here.

101 Ways to Look Great Naked Special eCourse – Valued at $47


Do you ever feel as though it’s just TOO hard to change or do everything all at once, and you’d just love to be told what to do in bite-sized pieces that you can easily implement each day?

I totally get what it’s like to be busy and to slip up on your journey to creating the body you want, and that’s why I created 101 Ways to Look Great Naked. It is, quite literally, 101 bite-sized tips, suggestions, action tasks and ideas to help you smash past your goals. You can choose just one a day, or grab a bunch – depending on your mood!

The simple accumulative effects of focusing on, adding or subtracting one additional thing at a time will guarantee that transforming your body becomes an effortless, natural and even enjoyable experience. It really does NOT have to feel this hard, and that’s why I wrote this program.

Not currently available outside the Look Great Naked Academy!

How to be That Girl – Valued at $27


You know who ‘that girl’ is, right?

She’s the girl who has it all together. She has the body, the hair (of course), but most of all she has the attitude. She’s confident. Sure of herself. She’s proud, but not in an arrogant way – more in a ‘I am happy with who I am way’. She’s the girl that others look to and wonder ‘why can’t I be like that; what am I missing?’

The truth? You ARE That Girl already. You just need to let her out.

In How to Be That Girl you’ll learn how to truly get over your sh*t about your body and being the you who you long to be, and how to step into that vision you have for achieving ‘one day’. This is not about calories in and out. This is the real work. Every woman should read this book.

Not currently available outside the Look Great Naked Academy!

Understanding & Manipulating Hormones for Fat Loss Report – Valued at $47


This is a pretty hot topic and I know you’re going to absolutely love it. We’re going to be dealing with some pretty powerful stuff, including how to understand and overcome the following common hormonal issues:

  • Carbohydrate and sugar abuse in years gone by leading to ‘insulin resistance’ meaning blood sugar levels are imbalanced and your body just wants to store fat no matter how well you eat now

  • Emotional and binge eating causing out of whack insulin and stress hormones, again promoting stubborn fat loss

  • Long-term lifestyle stress causing an excess of cortisol, which promotes stubborn fat around the stomach area

  • Back fat that just won’t go away – the product of an insulin imbalance and fully reversible

  • Chunk-factor overload on the upper legs and butt, even when eating super clean and training like a bat out of hell. This is related to an estrogen dominance and can’t be overturned through nutrition and training alone

  • Cellulite that gets worse with age, despite a relatively healthy lifestyle

  • Constant puffiness or bloating

When you follow the advice I’m going to teach you, you will start to see and feel changes in as little as a few days!

This report is a full and detailed transcript from an online event I ran on this topic. The live event had over 700 registrants and the feedback proved it to be one of the most popular events I’ve ever run! You’ll get so much out of this, particularly if you’re already eating and training well but just not quite where you want to be.

Not currently available outside the Look Great Naked Academy!

The Woman Incredible Fat Loss Detoxification Cleanse Program – Valued at $99


When the new year hits and there are still whispers of summer and bikini weather in the air, many people decide it might be a good time to try a detox – both to break some of those naughty festive season habits and also to hopefully drop a little bit of excess ‘pudding’. Of course you might not want to wait for a particular time of year to take on a cleanse! I recommend doing a cleanse every season in order to feel great and break the routine, and that’s why I created this guid – only for my Look Great Naked Academy members!

When done properly, a detox or a cleanse can be very successful, and even an important part of your quest to reach your goal weight and ideal health.

You’ll love this guide as it’s simple to read and understand, and doesn’t ask you to do crazy stuff. I also explain the principles behind a successful detox and how to know what is right for you.

Not currently available outside the Look Great Naked Academy!

Stress and Body Fat Report – Valued at $27


In long ago times, high bursts of the hormone cortisol (stress hormone) were a response to sudden and urgent threats. These threats tended to end quickly, and the stress would also go away.

I know it sounds strange, but your body is designed based on primitive survival techniques. This means that being stressed day in and day out, for whatever reason and even if it’s a good stress but just too much of it, results in an overload of cortisol, which in turn can make you gain weight or not lose it, can impact digestion, moods, energy, libido, and cause you to be very reactive rather than calm and considered.

My special Academy members only Stress and Body Fat Report is all about how to deal with being a busy modern day woman and how to manipulate stress and a busy life to work for you – without having to run away and hide from the world. Unless you want to, of course!

Not currently available outside the Look Great Naked Academy!

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Weekly ‘Look Great Naked’ journaling work and check-in from Kat – Valued at $199


One of the most important aspects of any journey is support and accountability. I credit my success in my business and life in very large part to the fact that I always have had (and always will have) coaches who not only up level my knowledge and give me valuable feedback, but who also call me on my crap and give me that occasional kick in the butt as well as empathy and understanding.

Make no mistake – you will achieve and maintain your body goals so much more readily (and have more fun with it) when you’re working with someone who gets your crazy head stuff, who gets YOU and who wants to see YOU GET where you want to go.

That’s exactly why I’m including weekly motivation, accountability, support and ‘inner work’ via email for my Academy members. You might not read every email (I don’t always read every email from my coaches!) but knowing someone is there for you and having that constant communication is something you absolutely won’t won’t to give up once you get it. And nor will you have to :)

Not currently available outside the Look Great Naked Academy!

Bikini Body Mindset Journal – Valued at $199


Let’s be really brutally real here.

You already know a LOT about nutrition, exercise, and being in shape. Yes? Yes. Of course you do. The truth is there is a plethora of free information available on the internet. To top THAT off, you’re pretty well informed when it comes to knowing what you need to do. You’re healthier, fitter and in better shape than many of your friends, or the ‘average woman’ (whoever that is!).

But yet. You’re not where you want to be.

Not having achieved your dream body is NOT a knowledge issue. And that’s exactly why I am prepared to go where most nutrition and fat loss coaches REFUSE to go – into the really deep and really murky head stuff. I’m ABLE to go there because when I’m going into your head? I’m just reaching back into mine.

I’ve done the hard yards. I’ve tried every crazy or somewhat saner diet, every approach to training. I’ve competed. I’ve lost weight, gained weight, lost baby weight. I’ve overcome binge eating. And then failed, and had to overcome it again. Failed again, and finally overcome it for good. I’ve battled my insecurities until the cows came home. What I’m trying to say is – you’re not alone. And the fact that YOU know you have so much still to deal with is not your fault. Most of us do, or have done.

My Academy members only Bikini Body Mindset Journal is exactly what you need if you KNOW you need to deal with your inner stuff in order to create the outer result you long for. Just a heads up? This goes way beyond body stuff :)

Not currently available outside the Look Great Naked Academy!

Bikini Body Supplement Guide – Valued at $19


Supplements are an important part of getting results from your hard work eating well and training, but are also essential to daily metabolism and health. I use and recommend primarily Poliquin supplements, which I import in bulk to save you on shipping. As an Academy member I am giving you a 10% discount on all your supplements as well as free postage within Australia for as long as you’re a member. I know! Pretty cool.

In this supplement guide I give you the scoop on my favourite supplements for your fat loss and health, and explain why. I also talk about pre and post workout supplementation. Supplements are of course totally optional, however if it’s something you are interested in you’ll find that this is an essential ‘cut through the crap and overwhelm’ guide to getting even more out of your Academy membership!Not currently available outside the Look Great Naked Academy!

Bonus coaching calls with Kat valued at $550 per hour – only way to coach with Kat



I’m so committed to my Academy members that I’m offering something I previously took off the table for good.

In early 2012 I made the decision to stop offering personalised fat loss coaching, despite the fact that receive literally dozens of email requests for this sort of support each week.

The reality is that being as how I’m only one woman, and seeing as how I feel my gift is to reach out and transform from the inside-out a community of thousands upon thousands not simple dozens each week, I simply couldn’t in good faith keep offering one on one coaching.

But. I am so committed to the lasting success and transformation of my Academy members that I’m offering something I hadn’t again planned to ever offer, and that is personalised coaching on a first-come first-served basis once you join the Academy.


Academy Members Only Masterminds – Valued at $299



As an Academy Member you’ll receive access to our private members-only forum, which operates round-the-clock and allows you to go through all of the Look Great Naked Academy hand in hand with a group of like-minded and equally determined, brave and ready-to-be-inspired ladies.

Previous clients have told me this is one of the best features in the program: a forum where you can discuss your challenges and successes with other driven, goal-oriented women who expect the world of themselves. There’s nothing like the feeling of finding other women who know just what it’s like to strive for better, especially if you’re accustomed to lukewarm support from others in your life who don’t get it. Everyone in the forum not only gets it – they live it, which means they’re always ready to give you advice on what might get you through an obstacle, commiserate when it gets rough to stay on track, and offer support and motivation to power you through.

Not currently available outside the Look Great Naked Academy!

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Bonus Content, Coaching and Support Added Regularly!

As a Look Great Naked Academy member you can expect fabulous fresh new content regularly. In the first few weeks alone I’ll be releasing 4 special Academy members only reports! There will also be bonus live Q&A sessions and special trainings (all live content will be recorded) as well as bonus spontaneous podcasts and videos. One of the reasons I created the Look Great Naked Academy was I am ALWAYS coming up with new content and ideas. The truth is I just don’t publish most of it as I don’t want to be ‘constantly selling something new’! This way … I won’t be constantly selling but YOU will be constantly benefiting. And the best part is that as an Academy member EVERYTHING I create you get for free!

Kat is there with you every step of the way

I joined the Look Great Naked Bootcamp because I felt like I had no energy, and that yeah, I guess my body could look better! Basically I was just in need of a shake-up, and I’m so glad I joined.

I feel fantastic now, I have lots of energy and am having much more restful sleep.  You can really see what your body is capable of doing on this plan. I never felt deprived or hungry and felt a real sense of achievement when I finished the 6 weeks. Working on my mindset was the big one for me, seeing that this was something I could stick to, and then noticing the flatter stomach and the lovely skin. At one point I tried on a dress that had been a little tight and it fit perfectly and sat just nicely so that was lovely. I loved that you could incorporate your social stuff and ‘life’ and that Kat was just another normal girl sharing stories about her own ups and downs as we went.

The bootcamp was great – it definitely works if you just stick to it, and Kat is there with you in real every step of the way! Thank you Kat, and I will spread the word!

Kim Mitchell

The Look Great Naked Academy. You are going to be blown away. You are going to be challenged. You are going to deal with your sh*t once and for all. And hell YES you are going to be transformed. Are you ready?


Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 1.00.18 PM

I feel like I was set free … I was working so hard with so little results until this! Anyone can do this!

I have such an incredible sense of achievement in myself for completing the Bootcamp and giving it my all! I signed up as I was unhappy with how much effort I felt I put in compared to the results I was achieving, and it was getting quite disheartening. I really gave this my all – my measurements decreased significantly and my clothes were looser although I decided not to weigh myself more than maybe twice in the 6 weeks. In the end though, I dropped a dress size and lost about 15cm. I now have major arm and shoulder definition and am seeing some signs of abs. Whoo-hoo!

I do have to say that the training rocked. The forum was amazing as well, being able to share with the other girls, but really I just loved the whole thing so much. I felt like I was set free from my old routine & discovered something new… I felt empowered that I was learning new things to help me with my dream body, especially as to which foods I need to fuel my body better and I gained more pride and confidence in myself.

This bootcamp gives you such a great sense of working as a team and building moral together. Kat is so passionate about the program and about sharing the journey with us, and it really paid off for me. Anyone can do it!

Selina Dunsmore


I wanted to lose 10 kilos for 10 years and I achieved that goal!

Jess Gavin Wk 3The Look Great Naked Bootcamp was a fantastic experience! Whilst at first a little daunting concerning how I would change my eating and exercise habits, once the six weeks was complete I found I was able to maintain clean eating and high levels of exercise and feel great! I no longer crave sugars or junk foods! I’ve even reached the point where if I don’t exercise I feel tired and run down so it’s formed a strong routine!
I had wanted to lose the last kilos for over ten years and this bootcamp finally helped me achieve that goal! There have been numerous people who have asked me “What’s your secret? You’re looking fantastic,” and that has been a massive confidence booster and further motivation to continue on a healthy path!
All I can say is THANKYOU Kat! Amazing!!
Jess Gavin


I finally have definition in my lower abs!

Kat’s bootcamp works! I feel so much more equipped and I now know that I deserve the lean and strong body that I want. I’ve gone from a size 10 to a size 8, and lost 3kg including 15 cms of fat. Also I finally have ab definition around the bottom of my tummy going into my pelvis. It was great to have to buy new jeans, shorts and work pants, and I got loads of comments from friends.

C Moore

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 1.00.18 PM

Back in my size 8 pants!

I joined the bootcamp because I had started to notice my clothes were getting a bit tighter – it wasn’t that I was unhappy, but it was bothering me.

I was so please with the results I got and with my ability to actually stick to the plan and complete it! It made me realise that if I stick to something, I can get results. And it is a plan that is workable in real life. You eat real food and it is easy to modify meals so that you eat similar food to your family and friends. I feel really proud of what I achieved. The bootcamp helped me develop good eating habits, and it was great to have exercises I could do at home which actually made me feel like I had worked out! I lost weight and there was a change in my body – especially in my upper body and stomach, and I’m now back into my size 8 pants!

I would absolutely recommend Kat’s bootcamp to anyone. It was great to have the structure of knowing what to eat and what exercise to do, as well as the ability to be flexible to fit in times when you have to eat out or just want to eat some chocolate! Probably the best thing about it is the Facebook forum. While I did not actually contribute to the forum, it was just great to be able to read comments from other people during the day so see if people were experiencing what you were and to keep motivated.

Sarah Duerdoth


Measurements down after just one week!

Jessica BAfter a week (before we started) of the junkiest junk food and alcohol feeling bloated and disgusting self sabotage at it’s worst, I am now ready. I know my mindset needs A LOT of work, but I am totally ready. I am ready for my bikini body!

(End Week 1) Woke up feeling a little leaner and took a tensing shot in my summer bikini I’m hoping to rock this year.  Got me excited.  5 more weeks to go and a lifetime of choices. My measurements are down and I can notice bloating leaving.

Looking forward to week two.

Thanks Kat!

Jenna B


My rear end has shrunk!

carly - comparisonsOk here goes…

I lost a total of 9cm off my whole body this week and lost another 1kg, so I am at my goal weight now – 55kg. This is also the first week I have lost cm’s off my legss whooo… and I just can’t believe that since day 1 I have lost a total of 7cm off my waist…

Wow!! These results are just amazing… what I am most excited about is the fact that my shorts are feeling far more roomy, and my rear end in my workout pants (the part that hangs out the side) has shrunk lots – I am ecstatic! This is the best I have felt about myself this year!

Now it’s time to tone, and shed fat not weight. I am pumped!!!

Thanks Kat :)



Catherine-Myers-pic-300x150Measurements down everywhere!

My measurements are down everywhere. I have been receiving complimentary comments daily and my PT is loving the results I am getting!


Catherine Myers


I created the Look Great Naked Academy just for you. I’ve poured my heart & soul & all my knowledge & support into making this program exactly and everything you need to finally achieve the body of your dreams and really start rocking your life as a proud and happy woman. You won’t find a more comprehensive, result-based and truly supportive program out there. That’s my heartfelt promise to you. And I cannot WAIT to dive into this with you and keep sharing all my current and still in my head goodies with you!

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 1.00.18 PM

I have taken your advice and pushed PLAY.

I just wanted to touch base with you since downloading your incredible e-book a few weeks ago.

My name is Chantelle Fairall, I am 42 years old and married with 2 beautiful daughters aged 11 and 14. Like yourself I have been in the Fitness Industry for the past 20 years as a Personal Trainer and RPM, Boxing Instructor. I gave up the group fitness a few years ago and now only train a few friends of mine. Unfortunately I burnt myself out. I still train myself and have learned that proper nutrition out ways everything else.

I was just going nowhere and didn’t know whether to completely give up my career in the Fitness/Lifestyle industry or not. Since connecting with you on Facebook and downloading your free e-book along with all your educational tips on fat loss, nutrition and motivation etc I have a new lease on life.

Thank you for opening my eyes and realising why I love this industry so very much.

I have taken your advice and pushed PLAY.



It finally clicked

I have never been ‘overweight’ but in May 2011 I was probably bordering on it .I spent a year trying different workouts and ‘diets’ and finally plateaued.

Then I came across Kat.

This is when it finally ‘clicked’ – I needed to totally change my strategy and adopt a whole new lifestyle. I changed my nutrition completely, stopped focusing so much on calories and moved more towards body weight training (mostly just at home).

I’m starting to finally feel the difference :-)

Lyndsay McKee


My booty is looking HOT

Last night, my boyfriend grabbed my bum, then told me to stop tensing – he always says my glutes are never as tight as when we first met… OMG last night he finally said they are!!

And he is right, my booty is looking HOT haha. So now I am thinking about other wins I’ve had recently in the gym and within myself and I’m feeling great!

Thanks Kat!

Alicia Johnson


Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 1.00.18 PM

You are making me look and dig beyond the mere physical outer me and find who I am inside

Oh Kat, you are simply amazing. I have been yo-yoing with my weight for 20 years. It has been mentally and physically draining over that time – like self imposed torture. I have been following your 6 steps podcast, blog, meal plan and also training plan for about 6 months and everything I read of yours is like little light bulbs going off in my head. Your “why” behind your methods resonate with me and when the opportunity came up to work one on one with you (after quite a bit of mental battle) I just decided to jump and trust.

You are making me look and dig beyond the mere physical outer me and find who I am inside. You are so right when you told me that until I get my head sorted out no eating plan or exercise plan is going to work (after all I have tried pretty much them all over the last 20 years). The journal homework you gave me to do was confronting, but so beneficial. I can already feel shifts and it has been only 5 days. I am looking at my goals in a different light and I am feeling a gurgle in my gut that is telling me I am taking the right actions to fulfill my dreams.

I so wish I had found you many years ago, as it would of made this journey of mine far shorter. I am really, really, REALLY looking forward to our coming calls and digging up all of this emotional and mental baggage that is weighing me down far more than my physical weight is.

Bring it on – both the new mind and the new body. Looking forward to seeing what I achieve. I have a feeling I am going to amaze even myself, so thank you for sharing your gifts with me because they are gifts that you have on how to knuckle down into ones core. And a gift you share which is even more priceless.

Lisa Quine


I’m really noticing the shifts!

Kat I just did your mindset activity, and wow it’s amazing how you can change your thinking! I was feeling really low this morning not believing I’m worthy or good enough for a relationship or to achieve any of my goals.

But doing this has just helped me to love myself more and feel I can do it. I’m really noticing the shifts!

Amazed! 😉

Jackie Z


A better (best) version of me

Kat – where do I start?

Maybe the most honest thing I can say is that working with you has allowed me to shift through the fog and clutter in my head, work out what I really want, what makes me happy and what is holding me back.

You have also helped me to define some concrete next steps and goals that I am working towards. I like the saying that good people have people to help make them better. Having a coach like you is helping me become a better (best) version of me.

Justine Reanney


I lost 3% body fat in just a few weeks and would never go back to the way I used to eat!


Joni Burns


Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 1.00.18 PM

The whole program so far is amazing

You truly have dotted all your ‘I’s and crossed your ‘T’s



My ‘benchmark’ jeans fit already! Stoked!

I pulled out my jeans that I was going to use as my benchmark jeans (thinking they wouldn’t fit, I got them when I was about 24 and have not worn them since I moved back from London 3 years ago) and they fit… So I am stoked about that.  I think I will be focusing more on strength and toning and regaining my waistline after pregnancy stole it :)

Thanks Kat,  you’ve set up a cool program.  I’m really enjoying it.



So motivating!

I‘m loving my emails BTW, it comes through in the arvo at work and I sit here waiting for it :)

So thanks, you’ve done a FABULOUS job!





kat purple 2I’m Kat Loterzo, and I’ve helped thousands of women all around the world to change their bodies and have been profiled in some of the world’s best publications on fitness and health.

My mission is to inspire, motivate and empower YOU to know that you too can change your body, and change your life. To give you the exact tools, strategies, systems and support to be able to do so.

To show you how you too can reach a point where you love your body and you love your life.

I am a Personal Trainer of over 14 years, a nutrition and life coach, an international best-selling author, speaker, and entrepreneur, and a Mum to a nearly 4-year old daughter and a 3 weeks and 5 day old son (no, that picture was not taken in the last few months lol – it was taken 2 weeks before I fell pregnant with our son). I’ve been featured in Oxygen magazine, Body & Soul, Womens Health & Fitness, Sarah Wilson, and highlighted on the front page of my state’s most read daily newspaper, The Herald Sun. I am a regular writer for Fitness First magazine and am often called on for expert quotes and guidance. Over the past nearly decade and a half I’ve helped over 4000 women to create their dream bodies and my online community now includes over 25,000 women. I’d love to help you next.

Most importantly of all of my ‘I am’s’ perhaps, is that I have done the hard yards.

I understand.

I’ve fought emotional and binge eating and won. I’ve learned how to stop the yo-yoing and self-despair and maintain my dream body. I’ve done the post-baby battle, the post-holiday battle. I know what it’s like to face frustration and overwhelm, to feel as though you’re giving it your all and getting nowhere or just to wonder why you can’t seem to stay on track. I now eat right, effortlessly to nourish my body. I look and feel exactly as I want to look and feel, and I am confident and proud to wear whatever my heart desires. I enjoy the process and I certainly haven’t given up my favourite foods either! I spent a decade figuring out how to play this game and now I want to share my knowledge and hard-earned tricks and tips with you.

I want to share my best tips for rapid results so that you too can create your bikini body, feel amazing about yourself, and finally have the confidence to do or be anything you choose!

Which is exactly why I created the Look Great Naked Academy!

Take a look at just what you get again … it really is pretty incredible just how much I’m including for such a crazy low price!

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 2.48.21 PM




Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 1.00.18 PM

So Why Have I Made The Look Great Naked Academy so Damn Affordable?

To be totally honest and to the point – I’m sick of trying to promote so many different things, trying to make sure everyone knows what I have on offer to help them and that they get what THEY need. I simply have too much stuff on offer! And too many new ideas in my head that I DO want to get out but yet I do NOT want to be constantly launching new stuff.

As a Mum to a newborn (and already demanding toddler) plus as a busy business woman who values her own time and space, it makes sense to me to combine everything. I’ve received so much love and support from the Woman Incredible community over the years – this is my gift back. And it’s fantastic to know that I can just add in my new creations without having to go through the process each time of ‘launching it’.

Initially this academy was going to be $997. It’s still WELL over 50% off what’s included and that’s without event considering the access to me, live coaching and all the new things that will follow. But in the end I just thought – you know what. Let’s make this one something every incredible woman can be part of and KNOW that she is receiving everything she needs to change her body for life, and even to change her life and bring it more into alignment. Which is why I decided on $497. But – as you know, until November 4 (which is also when you receive access to the live round of The Look Great Naked Bootcamp – whoo!) as part of my launch special the rate is only half that. Pretty awesome :)


Loving your weekly updates!

I‘m loving your weekly updates, sample meal plans and recipe ideas!  I’m cooking both recipes next weekend!

Oh… and I just had to pass on your Chicken Coconut Curry to my clients.. they’re all so excited about it!  Congratulations on putting all this work together!  I’m really excited for you!

Your hard work is definitely paying off!

Fiona Caddies


It’s great and I feel really strong

Just a quick note to say I’m absolutely loving the Week 3 gym workout!

The thrusting BB and forced lateral exercises really have me pushing it, it’s great and I feel really strong, ha!

I seem to be getting a whole lot out of the circuit format, thank you.



Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 1.00.18 PM

I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything

For me, going to the gym and training every day is my top achievement.  I have learned that nothing is ever as scary as it seems, eating for fuel is sooooooooo much better than junk ever makes you feel and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything by not eating my old favourites.

I love that after only two weeks, I’m loving training (instead of dreading it), I’m making extra effort to eat for fuel, and I don’t feel like eating foods that lack nutrients even when I see others eating them!



I couldn’t have done it without you.

Just a quick note to share my latest stats with you!

Katrina T

Before Starting Now Total Loss after 5 months following the Program
Weight 105kg 87kg -18kg
Chest 114cm 102cm -12cm
Waist 114cm 96cm -18cm
Hips 119.5cm 104.5cm -15cm
Right Thigh 60cm 55cm -5cm
Left Thigh 60cm 54cm -6cm
Dress Size 18 (tight but I refused to buy a size 20) 12 -4 dress sizes

So my goal is just another 3.5kg; 4cm off my hips and 6.5cm off my waist to get to my body before four pregnaincies, then I can re-set my goals for the ultimate incredible body!!

Thank you once again, I couldn’t have done it without you.

xoxoxox Katrina

Katrina Tuscano


Saving so much time!

I‘m loving the home workouts as it gives me structure when I’ve only got a spare half hour :)

To be honest I’ve been doing more of the home stuff then the gym stuff!

Stacey Mroczko


I have lost those stubborn extra kilos – whoo!

I realise now that for years I wasted my time at the gym, working out for an hour at a time several times a week and yet my body shape never changed!

Since following Kat’s VIP workouts I have lost those stubborn extra kilos, gone to a size 6 clothing and dropped 2% body fat as well as become leaner, stronger and fitter.

Kat’s workouts are like having a personal trainer with you everytime you go to the gym. The videos show exactly how to perform each move and Kat gives detailed instructions to ensure you get the maximum out of each workout. The program has everything – HIIt training, strength training, circuits, core work – even a wind-down.

I used to feel too intimidated to spend much time in the weights area of my gym but now I stake out my space with confidence. I have no hesitation in recommending Kat’s program and have already done so to friends, colleagues, and other gym-goers.

Bec Pich


Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 9.05.31 AM

Your workouts are perfect

My favourite parts are receiving and watching your workouts as that is what I love doing and is never a problem for me. I go to the gym 4-5 days a week and have just started doing a mix up for my cardio. So your burn workouts are perfect!

I’m going to try one tonight!

Anna DeOliveira


Thank you for the lift!

Before doing your workout I was feeling that spacey, unfocused heady, draining feeling again.  But pushing through the workout felt much better – uplifted!

I think it’s because you’re encouraging me forward, to get better and I too want to feel better so am accumulating the right energy to push through.

I love the exercises as they don’t bore me. The types of exercise you get me to do generates the right attitude!

Trang Dinh


Centimeters dropped all over!

Thanks mate!

I have dropped centimeters off everywhere, I’m so grateful to you!

Lisi Klein


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My fitness and strength are killing it!

The exercise routines are great!  I love the variety and pushing myself with each set.  I have been doing your workout sessions and they have helped me improved my fitness & strength, and best of all they are easy to follow!



Thank you for the fabulous guidance on food!

I love it!  Congrats on such a great job, you have covered everything.  Quantities of foods and supplements is something that I’ve been needing some more guidance in, so thank you!

Becca Fawcett


Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 5.46.12 PM

Nutrition Plans, Recipes, Guides, Bonuses & Ecourses

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Workout Plans, ecourses, ebooks, bonuses and videos

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 5.51.02 PM

Rapid Fat Loss Programs and Step By Step How Tos

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 5.53.47 PM

Podcasts, video training, beating emotional eating, bikinibody mindset worksheets

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 1.00.18 PM

Amazing eat clean plan!

Have downloaded the eating plan – looks amazing!  You have done a brilliant job, well done, beautiful looking recipes.  I can’t wait to get started on it!

Melodie Merchant


I feel alive for the first time – thank you so much Kat!

Kat – thank you so much for the difference you have made to my life.

As you know I have been struggling with my health (Adrenal Fatigue, etc). I have not worked for the last 6 months, getting out of bed has been a challenge, I have been sleeping during the day, I was extremely stressed and had no energy (or motivation) for exercise. Also in the past I have done a lot of different exercise programs and worked really hard but never got the results I wanted.

Then… I met you. Everything you say makes sense. I feel alive for the first time and have a new level of confidence that I had lost when I lost my health. So many great things are happening in my life – who would have thought by getting the right advice from the right person could make such a difference.

What inspired and motivated me to take action was your amazing experience and seeing how you live your life. I’ve been really enjoying your newsletters where you have been vulnerable and really shared the shifts you’ve made in your own life. You inspired me and gave me hope again, that I too could finally have the body and life I’ve always wanted – at 40!!

Kat, you walk your talk, you have massive integrity and the value you provide is incredible.

Thank you for the gift that you are to the world and I look forward to updating you with my ongoing transformation.

Jo Harrison


Kat helped me listen to my body for the first time in my life

I have been working with Kat for 5 months and she has changed my life! She has guided me through many difficult and anxious times in regards to the way my body is responding. Most importantly, she has offered strategies and suggestions to relax and listen to my body – not be ruled by my stressed head!

Kat has helped me to listen to my body for the first time in my life. I had spent years on that merry-go-round, wondering why I was not achieving the results I wanted. Since I have begun this journey I have gained a huge amount of confidence, belief and trust in myself. I am stronger both physically and mentally and I am now finally realising that I am worthy of all the great things that I can create in my life.

I thank you Kat for leading me on my journey and for your diligence in checking that things are going well.

Nicole Anthony


I honestly can’t believe how much happier I am

5 weeks ago I honestly didn’t believe in myself let alone believe I was capable of making changes and finding a small amount of happiness each day.

Thanks to Kat’s support I now believe I am capable of making changes and I am capable of finding some happiness each day.

Thank you Kat, I can’t believe how different my life is from a year ago!

Judy Keleher

Goodies included reminder!

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Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 1.00.18 PM

Here’s what it comes down to.

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If you feel like you’re constantly chasing the perfect bikini body …

If you want to finally be free of your obsession with your looks and still have the physique you want …

If you want to go on holiday and not worry about putting on a couple of kilos, because you know you’ll easily shift them when you get back …

And if you want to know that staying in shape comes naturally to you and doesn’t feel like a daily battle …

Then you need to be a part of this. Now.



Get immediate access!

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Life is Now. Press Play.



It’s great and I feel really strong

Just a quick note to say I’m absolutely loving the Week 3 gym workout!

The thrusting BB and forced lateral exercises really have me pushing it, it’s great and I feel really strong, ha!

I seem to be getting a whole lot out of the circuit format, thank you.



I’m loving the workouts – thanks Kat!

I‘m enjoying the new changes to my lifestyle since joining the program.  I’m feeling stronger, I’m loving the workouts which aren’t causing me to feel fatigued as cardio used to!

Thanks :)

Kim Mc Pherson


Amazed with my results in this short period of time

I have been working with Kat  for over 3 months I have been amazed with my results in this short period of time.

Kat’s diverse knowledge & understanding of nutrition and training is one of a kind.  From fat loss, building lean muscle, to general health and wellbeing Kat is one of the best professionals in the business.

Whether your just starting out, looking to try something new or already in the industry yourself, I highly recommend Kat as a coach, trainer and mentor.

Kat is a true example of consistent hard work and results.

Thank you for all your help Kat, I would not have achieved all I have today without your help!

Kat Tassone


My skin is glowing, I’ve lost weight, I’m happy!

Kat, I had to take the time to write to you and tell you just how incredible and inspirational you are.. and to say a big THANK YOU.

Ever since you cam up on my radar I have been ‘addicted’ to you and your amazing advice, motivation, knowledge and energy. ‘Woman Incredible’ is on my mind every day and my life is so much better because of it.

Through you and the unwavering passion you have for helping people, I feel as though I have come ‘into my own’ more in the past two months than ever before and feel more comfortable in my own skin.

I have always been interested and passionate about health and fitness but you have opened my eyes tenfold and for that I am eternally grateful.

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that lately people have been saying my skin looks glowing, I look radiant, they can tell I have lost weight, people who haven’t seen me for a while say I am looking really good and happy, people are posting fabulous motivational posters on my Facebook wall and saying it made them think of me (which I can’t tell you how great I thought that was when I saw it I thought ‘Kat would be so proud’), people tell me I am superwoman, determined and the like.. but most importantly I feel great.

In the big picture I am only in the early stages of my new life transformation but already I can see and feel changes in my mind, body and spirit.  Of course I have had times lately where I feel like I am faltering or really wonder if my body is changing all that much but I have to stop and take a minute to realise that I am doing a lot of positive things to be better myself, I am making changes for the better and slowly but surely transformation is occurring… I am – becoming Woman Incredible.

I thought you should know just how special you are.  From the bottom of my healthy and happy heart, thank you.  Nikki xx


Nikki Perhne


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